This is work that involves 3D assets, simulations and composited footage. I use a wide range of industry-standard applications that can be found in my CV.

This is my experimental version of Unreal Engine 4 using the Nvidia VXGI build. It demonstrates real-time cone tracing and uses assets modelled in Maya and textured in Substance Painter

A simple 3D cannon match moved into a simple environment with a single tracking marker. The simulations are also Nparticle simulations.

This is a Maya simulation using the Voronoi fracture system, bullet rigid body system and Nparticle fluid simulations. The destruction of the house was cached as an alembic object so that this simulation could run almost real-time and still react with the building destruction.

This is a speedrun of the process of using the physique tool in 3DS max to first bind the mesh to the skeleton and then correctly adding in tolerances. It then goes into pose to pose rigging.

This is a NukeX composited matte painting created from pictures taken from India and then composited with a Syd mead style dystopian look.

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